ceiling furring channel


1. Breifly introduction of Omega


Omega, one kind of galvanized steel profile, also named as furring channel, is used for ceiling together with stud and wall angle.

  1. Omega sizes of ceiling


  • In genearal, the omega sizes for ceiling are 32mm*16mm*7mm*2440mm and 35mm*16mm*7mm*2440mm and thickness ranges from 0.3mm to 0.45mm in Colombia.
  • What’s more, the stud sizes for ceiling are 30*17*15*3000mm and 35*32*13*3000mm and thickness is around 0.5mm in Bolivia.
  • And the omega sizes are 35mm*32mm*13mm*3660mm and 25mm*16mm*3660mm in Costa Rica. And thickness ranges from 0.32mm to 0.7mm.



  1. Shape and apprearance of Omega


Omega has two shapes, that is to say, with edgefold one and without edgefold one.

Regarding the surface, it has two types, that is to say, with dots one and plain one. And it is more easier to install screw on profiles if the surface with dots.


  1. Our advantages:

1). Professional galvanized steel profile’s established on 2,000 years in China with competitive prices.

And our factory possesses over 20 sets galvanized steel profile’s production lines.  The annual sales quantity is 12,000 tons, equivalent to 500 containers.

2). It is free to print your company logo on unit piece of steel profile.

3). It is free to make dots on profiles.

4). It is free to add strengthen ribs on profiles.

5). Using packing belt on per bundle of steel profile while not clear tape. In this way, when you unload or distribute cargo, they are not easy to loose.


5. Service and price

For wholesalers, we can give you competitive prices and provide shipping, documents, one-stop service.


For building users, we can tailor the production according to your requirements and provide multiple specifications of production.